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If you’re searching for custom ducting supplies, then our thermal duct has a lot to offer. This lightweight duct is made from a rigid polyurethane board with both sides faced in aluminium foil. It is a highly versatile product and can be customised to meet your requirements.

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Our Ducting Supplies for Melbourne

Ducting Supplies Melbourne

For over twenty-five years now, Vic Air Supplies have been proudly manufacturing in Victoria, supplying our high-quality products to HVAC professionals locally and throughout the rest of Australia. We have ducting supplies for Melbourne and beyond, and the same properties that make this lightweight duct perform so well once installed also mean that it will travel well to get to you.

Ductwork Supplies for HVAC Professionals

Ductwork Supplies

If you regularly install ductwork for HVAC systems, then you are sure to appreciate the many benefits of our thermal ductwork supplies. The reduced weight means it can be safely installed without the increased building load associated with heavier ducts, and it can also be installed in a reduced timeframe.

Commercial Lightweight Duct for Any Business

Commercial Light Weight Duct

Lightweight in nature but not in capacity, our thermal duct displays excellent resistance to high air pressure (both positive and negative) and is suitable for installation on a variety of buildings, whether industrial or commercial. Lightweight ducts can also provide an excellent solution for installations where a heavier duct material would prove impractical.

Custom Lightweight Duct for Any Installation

Custom Light Weight Duct

Is a difficult project coming up? Why not have a custom lightweight duct manufactured for an easy fit? Here at Vic Air Supplies, we can ensure you have the custom-tailored product that you need for any project.

Better Commercial Ducting

Commercial Ducting

For commercial ducting that can truly handle the demands placed on it day to day, you want to know that you have chosen a product from an experienced company and that their work has held up in commercial environments with a range of conditions. Vic Air Supplies’ commercial ducting has been used in a variety of industries, so you can have confidence when making it part of your next installation.  

Learn More About Our Commercial Ductwork Supplies

Commercial Ductwork Supplies

If you still have questions, then our experienced team would be happy to help. You can email, call, or visit one of our three Victorian locations, and we will walk you through the range of commercial ductwork supplies and the customisation options available to you.