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Design and Estimation


In the realm of project management, nothing is more valuable than estimates that accurately reflect reality, motivate their implementation, and facilitate thorough accountability.

Here at Vic Air Supplies, our Design and Estimation team consists of highly qualified Mechanical HVAC Engineers.

Offering flexible, fast, and accurate estimating for HVAC Contractors. Bid and win more profitable work in less time. Assisting you empower your business by getting comprehensive materials take offs!

Not just that, our residential takeoffs are based on load and airflow calculations using design software. Guaranteeing both efficient systems and cost-effective designs.

Whether it is residential callouts or large commercial jobs, Vic Air Supplies is a one stop shop for all your HVAC needs. With inhouse manufacturing of Custom Sheet Metal, Grilles and Light Weight Duct alongside services like Site Measures and statewide delivery.

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Vic Air Supplies has a long history of providing their Customers with the full service, taking their customers’ projects right from take off.  This has created a lot of shared experience through the Team, from ensuring that the quotes provided cover the small details, qualified Tradesmen providing high quality products and a fleet of vehicles to deliver your items on time.

Some of our Past Projects include:

  • ALDI, Horsham
  • Peak Apartments
  • La Trobe University
  • The District, Docklands
  • Mission Foods
  • St Boulevard
  • The Marriott, Docklands
  • Honda, Tullamarine
  • Premier Tower
  • The Evermore
  • Mobil Refinery
  • Australia 108