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iZone is an affordable Home Automation range that, unlike many other Zoning Systems, also encompasses connectivity with the rest of the house. With options for Lighting, Irrigation, Garage Doors, Solar and Smart Plugs from the same screen in your house or app on your Smart Device.

With Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, users can control the entire range through any Smart Device anywhere in the world, at any time. As this can be added to new or existing systems, iZone is a scalable, inexpensive Home Automation product that has been built with future developments in mind.

With technology being an ever-evolving concept, new products are frequently being added to iZone’s offerings. Users of iZone systems can rest easy knowing that they will not need to replace or upgrade items with time constantly.

With simple, user-friendly controllers, iZone can be used both Residentially and Commercially to maximise energy efficiency and power savings.

Climate Control
Climate Control

Compatible with 19 different Unit Brands, some of which have specifically asked iZone to create a remote access control for them, iZone provides an answer for the typical Australian home or business.

The Climate Control features of iZone provide functionality over the temperature and airflow of each individual zone as well as providing innovative methods to reduce the overall power usage of any HVAC system. Each iZone controller offers up to 14 Zones, all of which have individual control, remote access and can cover 5 different Air Conditioning units.

The System and Controls –

Wireless Temp Sensors being the frequently used due to their fantastic ease of installation and great functionality of still being able to activate and deactivate the zone from the switch.

By using the iSense controllers, which are fitted with Zone Occupancy Sensors, iZone will stop the Unit from unnecessarily providing cooled/heated air to an unoccupied area and can adjust airflow/temp from the zone itself.

This system is fantastic for commercial spaces as up to five different Units can be controlled through the one iZone system. Simply put, this is seeing the controls of five different Air Conditioning systems (or 70 Zones) on one screen. Reduce one stressor in the workplace, the infinite bickering over the set temperature on any given day.

With the Fault Diagnostics feature, any malfunction with the iZone system or Air Conditioning Unit will show on your screen. This function is beneficial for repairs and maintenance as it reduces the amount of time required by contractors to diagnose and fix problems with either the Unit or the iZone system. Users can further reduce call-out fees by allowing their HVAC team to access their iZone system remotely, ensuring they can bring the needed materials to the first visit.

Further Climate Control Functions
Further Climate Control Functions

As a Home Automation product focused on energy efficiency, they have created Economy Mode; this is ideal for applications with young kids who enjoy fiddling with controllers as it provides a temperature limit to prevent excessive heating/cooling. For example, it does not cool below 14° in Summer.

Another available product from iZone is iSave. iZone registers when the Outside air temperature is cooler than the inside air temperature and makes use of Fans to circulate this air into the house, for example, during the night in Summer. With this reduction in the use of the compressor, users will find their energy bills decreasing, and the overall health of their AC Units is not compromised.

When integrated with Lifestyle Apps, iZone can be further customised beyond the ‘Favourite Settings’ already offered. The Favourite Settings involve up to nine different scenarios/schedules for the HVAC system in any home or workplace. Going further than setting the heater to turn on fifteen minutes prior to waking up, you can use Google Home, Alexa or Apple Home to get your cooling to turn on automatically when the forecast is over 35°.


iLights are another versatile option provided by iZone; with the ability to adjust light intensity and colour (16 million colour options), iLight can be scheduled to help people wake up, go to sleep or change the indoor light intensity as the day progresses.

With room occupancy sensors, iZone can turn itself off after people have left the room, further reducing power usage.

An interesting addition for many gatherings, the Party Mode enables the lights to synchronise with music.


With up to 24 Irrigation Stations, the iZone Rectic Controller has most Australian households covered. Some of the greatest benefits of adding this product to your home involve the remote access and WIFI connectivity of iZone. Organising someone to water your garden during your holiday is no longer necessary; users can both schedule their irrigation through the iZone App, turn it on from the pool lounge, additionally make use of Lifestyle Apps like Google and Apple Home; iZone is a Native product of Google and works a treat.

Using Google Home, Alexa or Apple Home, iZone users can make inclusions for weather scenarios in their regular irrigation schedule. For example, every second day from 8 pm to 10 pm on a five-minute Soak & Cycle mode (this mode reduces runoff) but not when rain is forecasted within the next 36 hours.

Garage Doors and Reticulation

These features allow you to control either your Garage Door remotely; this has been proved to be helpful when tradies are coming through the home or when you realise it has been left open as you lie in bed. 

If connected to Google Home, Alexa or Apple Home, you can set your Garage Door to open anytime you are 200m away from home.

Smart Plugs

These plugs can be added to any ‘Dumb’ device to make it a programmable device that you can schedule and utilise through iZone. A coffee machine to turn on when your alarm goes off, or an electric blanket turned on 5 minutes prior to your bedtime is some examples of what a Smart Plug can be used for.

Solar Monitoring
Solar Monitoring

The addition of iZone’s Solar Monitoring system to your home has the capacity to reduce your power bills and further improve energy efficiency. The product monitors when excess power is being fed back into the grid (which is generally for little return) and will instead make use of this power to run an appliance like a dishwasher or pre-heat/cool your house.

iZone is a Home Automation system designed for human comfort without breaking the budget.

With an impressive 10 Year Warranty on ALL products, screens and Zone Motors included, these are products built to last that we can proudly stand behind.

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