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Custom Made Grilles and Diffusers


Vic Air Supplies wide range of grilles and diffusers are perfect for all ventilation, heating, and cooling requirements. We have grilles for many buildings, and they are ideal for residential and commercial premises.

All our grilles are engineered from quality components for superior performance for optimum air distribution. If you are looking for ceiling diffuser grilles, check out our range; we are confident that you will find what you need.

Ceiling and Diffusers Grilles

The stock-standard Grille of the shelf is not always suitable for the application.

Vic Air Supplies has always maintained partnerships to ensure that our customers receive their Custom Grilles and Diffusers at the highest quality and as quickly as possible.

In 2019, we took this partnership a step further and acquired Woodflo Manufacturing.

Woodflo has a long history of reliable service and high quality grilles to the Australian Market. Beginning in 1980, Woodflo has crafted a trusted reputation for the manufacture and supply of Aluminium and Timber Grilles and Louvres. With a base of both standard sizes and the custom manufacture of

  • Eggcrate Grilles
  • Double Deflection Registers
  • Weatherproof Louvres
  • Louvred Return Air Grilles
  • Timber Louvres
  • Timber Floor Registers

Woodflo joining Vic Air Supplies was a significant step to providing our customers with a ‘’One-Stop-Shop’’ for all your grilles, diffuser and ceiling ventilation needs.

Shared resources have allowed for additions in stock and custom selections for Woodflo, with Linear Bar grilles and Slot Diffusers being added to the repertoire.

The “Man all things Woodflo” Gary has continued serving his customers for years and knows all the questions so you get the result your looking for.

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