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Compact Comfort

Compact Comfort is an Australian-owned, designed and manufactured unit brand specialising in high static ducted air conditioning systems with inbuilt multi-zone temperature control and automation platform. Compact Comfort design and create units to exceed expectations regarding climate control and unit capabilities as well as size and weight factors; whilst also catering to the modern Australian home and business.

With the Compact Comfort INVA DC Inverter Outdoor, the team have designed a unit to suit most residential and commercial applications with its compact shape. A powerful and quiet unit, with capacity control down to 20%, the outdoor units are available between 12kW and 17kW Single Phase

The Compact Comfort multi VRAF range of outdoor units. Ranging from 11kW to 24kW in horizontal discharge and 22kW to 34kW in Vertical discharge, these units are versatile and able to be used from one up to multiple indoor unit VRAF installs.

The range of Compact Comfort VRAF indoor units include a range of low static bulkheads, mid static bulkheads, super high static bulkheads, high static ducted 3sp, high static VAF, the Super High Static Radical and the brand new Super High Static “Comfort Cube”. This range of indoors are the culmination of decades of design aimed at providing the most efficient and best quality airflow for the Australian and global market.

The Comfort CubePound for Pound is the hardest hitter in Australian air conditioning, breezing its way through the harsh extremes of Australia’s climate.

The ECM motor is at the heart of – The “Comfort Cube” (Electronically Commutated Motor) and utilises the Super High Static DECstar range of blowers to achieve astounding airflow results from the 11kW, 16kW, 20kW and 24kW indoors. Lightweight and able to fit through a standard return air cut out, these units are designed to go where other brands of ducted can’t. Ideal for limited ceiling spaces, constant diameter ducts, smaller ducts, long difficult duct runs and multi-story applications. The Cube is also perfect for replacing existing ducted systems in both residential and commercial situations.


Included in each unit, ‘climate point’ provides temperature and airflow control for up to 12 zones. This system will automatically sense the required airflow for each zone and adjust the fan speed and zone damper motors as required to maximise human comfort and energy efficiency.

Compact Cloud

Compact Cloud Ambient Intelligence is a cloud-based hub allowing a Wi-Fi connection to communicate via the internet with you when you are not at home. Simply connect your system to your home network, and all your connected devices will be at your fingertips. Imagine being able to turn on you air conditioner on a hot day an hour before you get home from work or checking in to set timers while you’re away from home by using any of your Android or Apple devices.

All cloud-based functionality is available via remote access with Compact Comfort. We can also set up your installing contractor as a system “carer”, providing next-level after-sales support.

Wall Controls

Compact Comfort offers modern, sleek controllers in a selection of colours which, due to their intelligent functionality, complement the design aspect of interiors

The ‘Hybrid Controller’ allows you to control your ‘Light Point’ and ‘Climate Point’ from the same Controller.


The abilities of this unit range have already been proven domestically in Schools, Child Care Centers, Aged Care Facilities and numerous other types of commercial Businesses.

In residential applications, Compact Comfort offers a 5 Year Warranty.

Compact Comfort products used for commercial purposes come with a 2 Year Warranty.

Compact Comfort products