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Sheet Metal


As a Company founded by a Sheet Metal Tradesman, Vic Air Supplies is proud to provide their customers with high quality outcomes from Site Measures to Delivery.  We are dedicated to delivering the best solution, a strong product, and an on-time delivery.

With a Team of experienced Tradesmen, we can apply decades of knowledge to ensure that our Customers are receiving the best outcome for their product.

Vic Air Supplies’ Sheet Metal shop is located at the Keilor Park Factory with the machinery required to manufacture HVAC items; everything from a stock Neck Adaptor or R/A & S/A Transitions to Commercial Car Park and Kitchen Exhaust using 1.2mm Metal with Insulation as specified.

To meet even the most urgent of deadlines with the perfect fit, we stock a large variety of HVAC Sheet Metal Components in a range of sizes and a vast selection of Colourbond options

We have continued to invest in our Sheet Metal Department with additions of a Plasma CNC Cutter, TDF Machines, Clinching Machines and Rib Rollers, Vic Air Supplies is working to support “From large to small, we make it all”.

When placing your next order, do not forget that we also stock all the required Sheet Metal Ancillaries; Canvas Connections, Fresh Air Intakes, Duct-Hanging hardware and access Panels. One order, one delivery, one invoice.

Our experience in producing Solid Ductwork to meet the standards of Supermarkets, Restaurants, Office Buildings and Hospitals ensure that we can efficiently provide our Customers with quality products they can trust their reputations with.


Custom Sheet Metal     

Here at Vic Air Supplies, it is our aim to set an industry benchmark as the most consistent and dependable supplier of custom sheet metal, thermal duct, and HVAC supplies. We’re here for you, and we will continue to put our customers’ needs first, as we develop high quality Australian-made products, working with the best in the HVAC industry to also bring you the HVAC units, and accessories you need to complete any project to your own high standards.

Commercial Sheet Metal Made in Victoria

Commercial Sheet Metal

You can expect low prices, high quality materials and standards of work, and fast turnaround times when you order custom or standard commercial sheet metal from the expert team at Vic Air Supplies.

Whatever size of commercial project you’re working on, we can provide the sheet metal neck adaptors, transitions, kitchen or car park exhaust duct that you need to get the job done.

Talk to our team about making Vic Air Supplies your regular supplier, or find out more about our reliable quotes and fast turnaround times for an urgent project. 

Galvanised Spiro Commercial Air Duct With Spiral Duct – DUCT 16

Commercial Air Duct

Our galvanised steel spiro duct adheres to all standards under AS 4254 so that you can be assured of a high quality product, and know that you have chosen the right commercial air duct for your project. We keep 3 m lengths in stock in a range of diameters, and can manufacture custom spiro duct according to your specifications.

You will find everything you need amongst the Vic Air Supplies range, including 450 bends, 900 bends, spiro duct hangers, and spiro duct joiners.

Custom Sheet Metal Car Park Exhaust Duct

Car Park Exhaust Duct

If you are installing a ventilation system for a commercial or residential car park, then we can supply the car park exhaust duct that you’ll need. We also have the duct hanging hardware, commercial filters, fans, and fresh air intakes that you may need for your project.

For projects where only a custom solution will do, simply send in your order form with drawings and specifications, and expect our usual fast turnaround times for your custom car park exhaust components in high quality, Australian manufactured sheet metal.

Exhaust Vent, Custom Grilles, VCDs, and Filters 

Exhaust Vent

Our custom range also includes grilles, VCDs (volume control dampers), and filters. Choose the aluminium louvre grille, zero degree bar grille, removable core bar grille, hinged core eggcrate grille with filter, or hinged core half chevron louvre that will suit, and then customise the size, colour, and other features to better meet your needs.

You can order a custom sized VCD or Bag, V-form washable, disposable, aluminium polyester, or electrostatic filter to complement your exhaust vent. 

Custom Industrial, Residential, or Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Duct

Kitchen Exhaust Duct

We’ve got kitchen exhaust duct (up to 1.2 mm) and custom options so that you can order the industrial, residential, or commercial kitchen exhaust that will provide the perfect fit.

You can order online, send a custom order form via email, or contact your nearest Vic Air Supplies team to talk about our products today.