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How a Zone Control System will Save you Money

How a Zone Control System will Save you Money
Date Icon 09/01/2020
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What is a Zone Controlled System?

A Zone Control System is a type of HVAC system you can control the temperatures of each room (or zone) in your building. They are great where you have:

Rooms that heat or cool unevenly

Infrequently used rooms

People with various temperature preferences

How will it save money?

You can control the heating or cooling for specific rooms, turning off completely for unoccupied rooms and controlling temperatures as required in occupied rooms. This will inevitably save on your power bill.

What are other benefits of Zone control?

If you have rooms heating/cooling unevenly, a zone system will sort that and adjust itself accordingly.

Do you have different temperatures for different times of the day? A zone system allows programming and scheduling, so you might like to go to sleep in cooler temperatures and wake up in a warm room. Then program the Zone system to turn off during hours when you are not there.

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