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Custom Grille

With over twenty-five years of experience as a company, and many more years of experience in the HVAC industry within our capable team, it’s no wonder HVAC professionals turn to us when they need custom grilles.

With our dedicated manufacturing facilities, we can construct grilles in custom dimensions and finishes to suit any custom application. We have a range of diffusion options already available for shipment anywhere in Australia, however, if you would like something a little different, then you can fill out a custom order form for a louvre, bar, or eggcrate grille in your  chosen size and finish, with or without a removable core and filter, for wall or ceiling mount.

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Custom HVAC Grilles for a Better Fit

Custom Hvac Grilles

When putting together custom tailored HVAC systems, you can try to do so with one-size-fits-all components, or you can order the custom HVAC grilles that will provide you with the perfect fit. Custom products also give your customers greater choice over how the air intakes and outlets will look. This is particularly important for residential settings, but can also give the owners of commercial buildings a better outcome as well. 

Check the dimensional drawings when deciding how to modify the grille to better suit your custom project, before deciding on the adjustments that will transform a standard grille pattern into the perfect custom fit.

Custom Eggcrate Grilles for Any Environment

Custom Eggrcate Grilles

Our custom eggcrate grilles will look great in any environment, displaying both the durability and affordable price point that makes them suited to a residential or commercial application. You can choose a standard eggcrate grille with no filter from the Vic Air Supplies range, or you can choose one with a high quality electrostatic filter included. You can then choose to customise the width and height, neck, and finish, for a custom eggcrate grille.

Pair with our sheet metal or thermal duct return air boxes for a system that’s simple to put together, and that will continue to perform well for your customers.

Decorative Return Air Grilles for Every Customer

Decorative Return Air Grille

From the decorative scrollwork on our Victorian floor registers, to the sleek and simple lines of our linear slot diffusers, choosing the right grille for the job requires that you can find a style that will suit the room in which it is to be placed. Whether the style is modern or period, most customers simply want to know they have access to products that won’t look out of place in their homes or commercial buildings. That’s why our decorative return air grilles vary from subtle to ornate, keeping in mind the many different styles of building in which they might be used.

Find Out More About Our Custom Grilles

We hope you will find something amongst the Vic Air Supplies product range that’s perfect for your customer’s needs, but if you can’t, why not get in touch with us to find out more about the custom grilles that we can manufacture for you, right here in Victoria.